Babak is the owner and service provider at NxOp technology, and has over twenty years of business, operations, and technical experience in the networking industry within the Enterprise, Service Provider and Commercial markets. Babak holds a Masters in Computer Science from Oregon Graduate Institute of Technology. He was also granted a U.S. patent for invention at Cisco.

​As Director of Product Verification and Engineering Operations, Spirent Communication Inc, Babak lead teams globally for QA software infrastructure, SCM.DevOps and Product support for the flagship Spirent Test Center (STC), and Avalanche products. Championed and directed key business initiatives that dramatically improved quality and on-time release performance and reduced development cycles including automation of continuous integration tests.

As Director of Support, IXIA Communications, provided regional technical support for US Wire line technology operation for product lines such as IxNetwork, IxN2X, IxLoad, ANVL, IxAutomate and others. Technical Support team consisting of Tier 1, Tier2, and Tier 3 support engineers

​As Director of, Engineering, Technical Operations, Smart Services Technology Group, San Jose. Babak leads teams within the Smart Services Technology Group that are responsible for Quality Assurance, Automation Testing, Solution testing, Release, Escalation and infrastructure support of the various Smart Services hosted products such as managed services (ROS), Smart Net Total Care for direct customers of Cisco and Smart Care for commercial customers enabling our partners to deliver the services to their end-customers. He joined Cisco in 1991 as a Senior Software Engineer within the IOS Software development team contributing, designing, and coding of LAN and WAN-SW for IOS code. Later on he joined the Customer Advocacy team in 1995 within the Advanced Services organization as a Sr. Network Consulting Engineer providing network design and network deployment support (Network Optimization Services) for the first group of initial Advanced Services customers such as US West and America Online. Later on Babak served as a Sr. Advanced Services Manager leading a team of Network Consulting Engineers providing network design and deployment support (Network Optimization services) to various Service Providers such as ATT and MCI.

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Standard Protocols: X.25  X.3  X.29  X.121  PAD  OSPF  EIGRP  BGP  TCP/IP  CLNS  CMNS (ISO-8208, ISO-8881)  CLNS  XNS  LAT  ISIS  DECNET,  IPX  SNA  ISDN

Network Level: Design, Planning, Deployment, Implementation, Troubleshooting

​​Programming Languages: Basic  C  C++  C-Shell  TCL  Awk  Perl  HTML  FORTRAN  Pascal Assembly 6502 & 6801xx  Smalltalk-80

Systems: Cisco Core Routers/Bridges/PAD/Access Routers  VAX 11/780  VAX 11/785  Sun Workstations  Cray XMP-48 (CTSS)  Sequent Balance 8000

Operating Systems: Cisco IOS  UNIX  XENIX  MS-DOS  VMS  CMS  SENATOR


Babak Nader

Founder, director

Technical Expertise

NxOp Technologies Consulting